Instructions how to transact with Stevena during the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic

In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, we have been forced to change the instructions on how to carry out transactions at our terminals.

Transactions should be carried out at the terminals only, when it is absolutely necessary. All visits to our offices should also be avoided. You should carry out all interactions by telephone or electronically, when it is possible.

All communication related with the loading and unloading of cargo should be carried out on the phone, if possible.

Drivers should stay in their own vehicles or outdoors when carrying out transactions at our terminals. However, if it is necessary to visit our premises, you should remember proper hand hygiene, and to avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces, and everyone should use their own pens.

Thank you for not transacting at our premises when you are with a cold.

For more detailed instructions, please contact our customer service.

Please remember that every one of us can influence the spreading of the virus by their own choices!

Stevena Oy