Stevedoring operations

Stevedoring is our profession
Our core business consists of loading and unloading ships i.e. traditional stevedoring activities. Today, we stevedore ship cargos in the ports of Naantali, Uusikaupunki, Turku and Hanko. More than 1,000 different types of conventional and ro-ro ships visit our ports to witness the efficient handling of ship cargos.

Ro-ro stevedoring

Stevedoring on the wheels

We stevedore wheeled cargo principally in Hanko and Uusikaupunki, where our customer base consists of the major shipping companies operating in the Baltic Sea region. Stevena is one of the leading operators in the field of stevedoring semi-trailers, roll trailers and wheeled or tracked work machines. We are also one of the most significant operators responsible for the handling of new passenger cars in Finland. Side door ships and storo cargos are not such an unfamiliar sight in our ports, either.

Conventional cargo handling

Bulk or break-bulk?

Conventional ships – usually operating in tramp traffic, transporting almost all kinds of cargos that can be transported in a ship – call our ports. Bulk cargo from agri bulk to recycled and building materials are handled either by cranes, conveyors or the ship’s own unloading equipment. Break-bulk, general cargo and various projects are handled by our versatile and efficient crane stock. As far as break-bulk is concerned we are proud to claim ourselves highly qualified and experienced professionals, particularly in the handling of steel and big bags.