Stevena Hanko

The Port of Hanko is a strong operator in the field of ro-ro traffic, and Stevena is an important part of its activities. The Port of Hanko is first and foremost a port for liner traffic, with excellent connections to European and Baltic ports. Stevena is known for its efficient and professional ro-ro stevedoring services, which is appreciated on an international level.

Stevena operates mainly in the Western Harbour, but also in Freeport Area, where vehicle import is primarily concentrated. Since 2016 we have offered our services also in the port of Koverhar. Koverhar is the newest area of the Port of Hanko. Koverhar is an excellent port for all kind of conventional cargo.

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Why is Hanko the right choice for you?

  • Hanko is the right choice for you if you want to utilise fast and frequent ship connections to Germany or Estonia.
  • You wish to take advantage of Stevena’s ro-ro stevedoring services, which are definitely the best in the country.
  • As the southernmost port in Finland, Hanko  is best equipped to handle shipping during the winter.
  • An environmentally friendly option thanks to the shortest route to Central Europe.

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Janne Salonen

Stevena Oy
Sales and Customer Manager

Henrik Sandin

Stevena Oy
Regional manager, Hanko

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Stevena Oy
Desk services, Hanko