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The Port of Uusikaupunki is a modern and efficient port that is in the process of constant growth and development. Stevena has developed the Port of Hepokari in close cooperation with the port since the last millennium. The Stevena unit in Uusikaupunki has appropriate and efficient machinery and perhaps the best storage facilities in the country. They are particularly well suited to the storage of bulk that requires precise handling. Naturally, general cargo can also be stored in the facilities.

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Why is Uusikaupunki the right choice for you?

At the Port of Uusikaupunki, we will take care of you and your products.

Diverse range of services. We conduct port operations with regard to a variety of bulk products and general cargo.

We provide ro-ro services for semi-trailers, new cars and High and Heavy machinery.

The processing of steel is one of our areas of specialisation.

In terms of the conventional loading and unloading of ships, important product groups include steel products and metals, big bag goods, bulk cargo, such as feed raw materials and industrial raw materials, and fuel, for example.

The port operations are conducted according to extremely high quality standards, ensuring that the quality of the products is maintained during handling and storage.

In addition to stevedoring, we provide added-value services, such big bag packing. All incoming and outgoing goods naturally go through a weighbridge.

Nowhere is cargo handling as precise and efficient as in Uusikaupunki. Stevena utilises a Mantsinen MSK200 HybriLift, which is one of the largest material handling machines of its kind in the world. May we present:


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