Needing storage space?

Ship cargos deserve proper storage in port after unloading the ship or when waiting for loading. Stevena has available a comprehensive range of versatile warehouses that are equally suitable for bulk cargos as general cargo. In our every place of business we have available the total of approx. 65,000 m2 covered storage space, and silo capacity as well. In addition to this, there is plenty of covered field storage space available in ports, in closed-off and monitored areas.

Warehousing of feed raw material

Clean feed raw material is our calling
Sometimes, even port warehousing can be a calling. During the entire existence of Stevena, feed and foodstuffs industry as well as other agri bulk processing activities pertaining to agriculture have been the cornerstones of our business. The experience obtained through the years has honed our operating mode to meet the high demands of feed hygiene. We bear our responsibility for the fact that Finnish livestock production will have available salmonella-free raw materials. We operate according to a self-control plan, which is, besides feed factories, monitored by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. We also adhere to the HACCP system in various functions. We continuously train our staff to the accurate and careful handling of products. All our employees who work with feed raw materials and foodstuffs have e.g. a Hygiene Passport. In 2013 the agri bulk operations of Backman-Trummer, and thus also those of Stevena, were certified by the GTP certificate granted by the European association of cereals trade as one of the very first companies in Finland. With regard to warehousing, the GTP is equal to the GMP+ certificate.

Evira’s approval numbers are:
Warehousing plants in Naantali and Uusikaupunki αFI22210086
Warehousing plant in Naantali αFI22210131
Warehousing of organic feed in Naantali αFI12220086

Coceral GTP (pdf)

Terminal and storage services

Container, train or truck transport

A ship’s cargo may often be a too big batch to be transported in one go. For this reason, a considerable part of the goods handled and warehoused by Stevena arrive at our premises as unit cargos either in container, truck or rail transports. We can handle loading and unloading of unit cargos in almost every one of our places of business. Our customer base consists of companies whose entire flow of goods arrive in our warehouses as small or bigger batches, to be delivered further.