Responsible commitment

Our customers have many good reasons for using Stevena services. Our guiding principle is to ensure that you, our customer, feel that you are important to us. We have long-term partnership with many customers that require cargo handling services. We are capable of flexible operations that meet changing and diverse needs. Our customers can always count on what we have promised. Our employees are true professionals of the field. The fact that we know what we are doing is a definite benefit to our customers.

We operate in compliance with the certified quality and environmental systems ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Our handling process for feed materials has also been certified in accordance with the GTP+ standard.

Our operations adhere to the 2006 general port operation terms of the Finnish Port Operators Association as well as the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders, NSAB 2015.


Tehokas ja monipuolinen Uudenkaupungin satama

STEVENA JA UUDENKAUPUNGIN SATAMA KEHITTÄVÄT HEPOKARIN SATAMAN TOIMINTAA TIIVIISSÄ YHTEISTYÖSSÄ  Stevena operoi neljässä satamassa – Uudessakaupungissa, Naantalissa, Turussa ja Hangossa. Kasvavassa ja kehittyvässä Uudenkaupungin satamassa yritys on toiminut jo vuodesta…