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The Port of Naantali was Stevena’s first operating location. We operate at three terminals (Kantasatama, Luonnomaa and Logistore). We have access to almost 30,000 m2 of diverse storage space at the port, where we provide a wide variety of added-value services, such as packaging, bagging and bulking, in addition to storage. We also utilise a weighbridge. We are the only general port operator and logistics service provide at the Port of Naantali.

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Why is Naantali the right choice for you?

  • Excellent traffic connections to all parts of Finland, towards the capital and further towards St Petersburg (E18), the western coast (highway 8) and inland areas (highway 9 and highway 10).
  • The 15,3 m deep sea route enables passage by Panamax size ships.
  • The frequent and regular Finnlines shuttle line to Sweden also enables fast distribution to the Nordic countries.
  • A perfect port for bulk handling
  • Two separate terminals provide options for a variety of products
  • Close to the industry in the Turku and Naantali regions

Naantali, Head office, Satamatie 13, 21100 NAANTALI

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Naantali, Luonnonmaa terminal, Kukolantie, 21100 NAANTALI

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