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Turku has been one of Stevena’s operating areas since the late 1980s. The operations in Turku are among the company’s strongest growth areas. Stevena has a bulk storage facility in the heart of the Linnanaukko section of the port as well as nearly 20.000 m2  open storage capacity in the West Harbour section. At the Port of Turku, Stevena focuses primarily on the loading and unloading of bulk and general cargo. We have also a strong position when it concerns terminal handling and storage of general cargo.

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Why is Turku the right choice for you?

  • Turku is one of the most important logistical junction points in Finland, where many excellent road, railway and sea routes converge.
  • Turku is a traditional hub of commerce, and there are plenty of industrial operations in the region. Therefore, it is a natural choice for many companies to route their goods traffic through the port.
  • The Port of Turku operates in an extremely customer-oriented and flexible manner.
  • The port offers an abundance of storage and field storage space.
  • The Port of Turku boasts a sufficient number of berths and enough lifting capacity to handle busy traffic.

Turku Harbour, Bulkterminal, Konttikatu 10, 20200 TURKU

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Janne Salonen

Stevena Oy
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