An efficient and versatile port of Uusikaupunki


Stevena operates in four ports – Uusikaupunki, Naantali, Turku and Hanko.
The company has been operating in the growing and developing port of Uusikaupunki since 1998.  

The Port of Uusikaupunki is a modern and efficient port, one of the four locations where Stevena operates. In close cooperation with the Port of Uusikaupunki, Stevena has been developing the port of Hepokari since the last millennium. In Uusikaupunki, Stevena has appropriate and efficient machinery and perhaps the best warehouses in Finland. The warehouses are particularly suitable for bulk cargo requiring precise handling. In addition to bulk goods, the warehouses are also suitable for general cargo, especially steel products, as the Uusikaupunki site is an important import port for steel products.   

The port operates to very high quality standards, ensuring that product quality is maintained during handling and storage. In addition to stevedoring, Stevena offers value-added services such as bulk bagging. Naturally, all incoming and outgoing goods are transported via truck scales.  

Roll on-roll off (ro-ro) transport is a speciality of Stevena – also in Uusikaupunki. Ro-ro vessels are loaded along the ramp through the gate at the stern of the ship. The fast and versatile method is suitable for a wide range of cargo, whether it is moving on wheels or not. Flatbed trailers and cassettes also allow for smooth container and general cargo transport. 


Picture: Port of Uusikaupunki


Cost savings from location and efficiency  

The facility in Uusikaupunki offers a competitive and accessible alternative for the logistics needs of Stevena’s existing and new customers. The location and efficiency of the port will bring significant cost savings to the customer. 

– The accessibility of the port of Uusikaupunki is quite different from that of many other ports, says Janne Salonen, Sales and Account Manager at Stevena. For example, the pilotage distance to Hepokari is only 18 nautical miles. The short distances mean savings in both pilotage and fuel costs. 


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