Backman Trummer Group

Ship Agency

Comprehensive forwarding and clearance services

Fluent and fast ship visits and the uninterrupted movement of goods requires professional forwarding and ship clearance services. Oy Backman-Trummer Ab provides port- and operator-independent clearance and forwarding services in all ports on the western coast of Finland. Backman-Trummer utilises electronic EDI connections to the information systems of the Customs and the Finnish Transport Agency. Stevena works in close cooperation with Backman-Trummer’s unit in Southwestern Finland, which is responsible for the following ports, for example:

Main ports:

  • Naantali
  • Uusikaupunki
  • Turku

Other ports:

  • Rauma
  • Pori
  • Koverhar


The service covers all ships type that visit the ports: tramp trade, ro-ro line traffic, container ships, tankers, cruise ships, docking, etc.

Ship Agent Lassi Luukkanen, +35850 591 9256
Stevena Oy is part of the Backman-Trummer Group