Backman-Trummer Group

General cargo handling

Both in small and in large consignments, general cargo is a regular feature of Rauanheimo’s handling capabilities. Almost all types and all sizes of general cargo can be accommodated, including heavy machinery, out-of-gauge and unusual project cargoes.


Rauanheimo’s flexible service makes all the necessary arrangements to handle exceptional loads, including those that require unique permits and specialist handling expertise. We currently have approximately 80 different specially designed machines to handle customers’ cargo; and we also have possibilities to invest in new machinery to meet the long-term needs of our customers.
AWT break bulk

In Kokkola, the handling of this cargo is concentrated in the general port area where we can take advantage of one of the largest covered terminals in Europe. The Port of Kokkola’s All Weather Terminal ensures the timetables and quality of goods are maintained – in all weather conditions.

Contact persons

Vesa Peltola
ICT Director
Tel. +358 20 777 1351
Vesa Peltola
Pasi Salmela
Regional Director
Tel. +358 20 777 1340
Pasi Salmela