Backman-Trummer Group

Finland has long recognized the opportunities provided by international trade and succeeded

in making use of them. Today, our exports represent nearly one half of our GNP, which is a substantially greater proportion than that of most comparable countries. We are, however, located a long way from the main flows of transport and logistics in Europe. This requires constant renewal, innova- tions and a constructive transport policy because efficient logistics solutions are vital to trade and competitiveness.

In 2010, logistics accounted on average for 13 per cent of the net sales of Finnish companies. In large and microlevel companies the proportion has decreased somewhat, while in small and medium-sized business the trend has been in the opposite direction. In SMEs, the costs of capital tied up in stocks have risen in particular. The key figures expressing delivery times, delivery accuracy and the rate of capital circulation have fallen slightly on the previous year, although in most sectors they still remain at a good level.

In logistics, the greatest efficiency is achieved with good service and low costs. These factors permit solutions that benefit all links in the chain. The significance of innovative logistics solutions for the competitiveness and efficiency of companies and organisations is on the rise. In seeking these solutions, shipping and port operations play a key role, for nearly 90 per cent of export cargoes are transported by sea. In international port operations, big ports are growing even larger while small ones remain on the same level and seek efficiency through specialisation. Both obtain volume in this way and thereby advantages of scale.

It is the goal of the Port of Kokkola and Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab to act as an efficient link in the trade chain. We seek to develop competitive and comprehensive solutions for the needs of our customers. Rauanheimo is Finland’s leading handler and forwarder of dry bulk cargoes and Russian transit products. Our operations are based on comprehensive service and ready tailored logistics solutions that provide customers with savings in both time and money.

Joakim Laxåback

Managing Director
Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab